Thursday, September 18, 2014

I had to say bye-bye to my boy...

I've got to tell you who are pet owners, I've had a rough few days...and now I am a bit saddened. I had to say bye-bye to my boy. We had to put my cat, Sparky, to sleep. (That's him relaxing on my lap during happier times.) 'The Sleep' was our last option. My little boy was ill with no chance of recovering. I'd prayed, took him to the vet, and did everything I could. Yet his insides were failing.

I recalled that last year about this time, we were in a similar cycle. However, after a stay at the vet and with us implementing a different diet, he recovered. We got to spend one more wonderful year with him. Thinking on that, and how Sparky -- whom others had abandoned as a kitten -- barged into our lives one waning summer afternoon, a sweet peace filled me up inside. That was when I knew, of a surety, that it was time. We had to let go.

I drove to the vet's office and held him and told him of all the joy that he'd brought. With my throat aching, I whispered through tears that he would soon run free, on another plane, minus the little body that was ill. Then it became very liberating to watch him just drift off. I just had to be there at the end. Sure, it was painful; I'd seen another woman on the pet hospital patio bent over and crying her eyes out as a man tried to comfort her. Looking back, now I know she must have had as hard a decision to make as I did.

I also wondered, why can't we do something similar for our human loved ones when they reach the point of no return? To all you euthanasia haters DO NOT WRITE me. One: today, I don't want to hear/see/read it. And Two, I'm just doing the equivalent of thinking aloud. So again I say, let this one go.

One good thing did come of that hurtful experience though. We got to meet Dr. Josh, D.V.M. He was informative and patient and so very comforting. He and the other pet staff members there are truly the best.

I have since realized that when the time comes for us as humans, God will easily receive us too -- doesn't matter how we exit.

Well my darlings, I sincerely thank you for being here for me today. In parting I must say that I will always cherish the memory of my little Sparky. He had such a sparkling personality -- thus his name. Although he is gone, I am so grateful that my precious pet entered my life.