Saturday, March 4, 2017

Remember the Time - Throwback Saturday!

Today, I felt like reaching back and watching a feel-good video. That's why I'm calling this my throwback Saturday.

How many of you remember this video by Michael Jackson? I will never forget the first time I saw it. I wasn't conscious of holding my breath until we were a few seconds in. For me, it truly was breathtaking, and to see so many familiar faces --I loved it! It was like a mini-movie. To our knowledge, this type of thing hadn't really been done before then.

I even Remember the Time that my sister, I, and our girlfriends, tried to get the steps. It was our thing to hang out on a Saturday, shopping, preparing to go to the club; whatever. This time we wanted to have the steps just right, hopefully before anyone else. Silly, huh? We didn't care. We were so excited, we recorded the video. We ran it back and back, time and time again. We stood before the mirror, practicing. It was so much fun. We'd watch the one who did a move just right. Then we'd try it. We'd bump into someone, or occasionally step on a foot. We'd sing along, We would even double over in a fit of laughter. We'd drink something cool, then it was, "Let's do it one more time." That was back in the day. It was what we did. As blossoming young women, we didn't have the adult worries and woes that we do now. We had hope, for the future, for the world, and we had joy. We had youth and smarts on our side.

Watching this video brought some of that joy back. It made me smile. The music made me want to get up and try those steps all over again. When I watched this video, it reminded me of how every day I carry my girls -- who all happen to be formidable women now -- in my heart.

I hope you watch this video. I hope you feel just a bit of what I felt, then and now.

Welcome to my th'owback Saturday, y'all! Thanks for letting me share a memory. You know it's what I sometimes do.

Luh U.