Thursday, June 27, 2013

You ever heard somebody sing a song you've heard a thousand times? Yet there's that one time when the song or the song-stylist makes you do a double-take. Well, I had that experience not long ago and I had to quickly turn my head. I had to ask --with emphasis-- "Who was that?"

In my opinion, it takes a special kind of artist to do that; to just make a person stop in their tracks. Young Whitney Houston did it, back in the day. And Jaimee Paul happened to do it for me the
other day.

There I was, seated with my coffee at hand, just merrily typing away when the song 'Cry Me A River' came wafting through my speakers. Now I've long loved this song, especially Natalie
Cole's version. However, after the intro I started paying real attention, because this lady who was not Natalie has something. Many might call it the 'It' factor. I would go further and say that 'something' is the meeting of talent and skill -- and songstress Jaimee Paul has it.

So I looked her up. With her look that happens to be reminiscent of old Hollywood -- you know, the ruby red-slicked lips, the curly mane, and alabaster skin -- she appears quite commercial. Yet what I love are her rich vocals. After reading up on her, it appears  she's been wowing audiences in many places. Now her voice is wowing me.

Because I do so enjoy her renditions of great American standards, I'd like to share one with you.

My darlings I do hope you enjoy it as I did. If you get a chance,
check out her cover or Lover Man on her At Last album/CD. Let me know what you think, and until next time...

Be blessed,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Could You Be A Bully?

I was reading the account of the bus monitor, a grown woman who was taunted by kids on the bus where she was supposed to maintain order. Boy were the kids cruel! Many people asked why the woman took it. Well, there could be a host of reasons. Those I don't particularly want to discuss right now.

I do want to say that those who have never experienced the cruelty that is bullying may not realize something... Bullying does not only happen to children. Granted, it is not something that is spoken of as often as the cruelty that children, adolescents and teenagers experience at the hands of their peers. However, it does go on.

How many of us are consciously aware that adults can be bullies?  Not only do they push children and pets around, they often bully other adults. 

Big question; how to tell if you're a bully?

  • If you're going up to your kid's school to jump on the teacher, before you have all the facts, you just may be a bully. You might also be one if you do this to the coach or other parents in the PTA.
  • If you're a person who is self-righteous and believe there is no right way but your way, then you may be a bully.
  • If you're a person who verbally browbeats others into submission, then perhaps you too fall in the bully category.
  • If you're someone who hides behind your pc or other electronic device while you spew undeserved evil at or about others, think about it. You're probably a bully, and a cowardly one at that.
  • If you're the person on the job that always keeps snippets of gossip going, and you're the one always holding court, sitting in judgment of your co-workers, guess what?
  • Even if you're a grandma, one who has nothing nice to say about your underlings, those family members who rate lower in the family hierarchy than you, and you wield your power against them, Granny, you are a bully.
  • If you're the neighborhood watch person and you police people, for little or no reason, just because you can, you --window watcher-- are most likely a bully.

There are other scenarios, but now I ask how can you change? Do you even want to? Perhaps you like who you are. If you don't, the first step to reforming is to take a good look at what you are
doing. Ask yourself why? Are you gaining anything positive from it? In the pursuit of being better if you cannot truthfully answer yes, or say that you've gained a sense of peace and satisfaction from browbeating others then it's time for a change. Don't you think?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Avoiding Friends App

This morning while checking the news, I had to laugh. I noticed that there is now an app to help people avoid others, particularly their Foursquare friends. For those who don't know, Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for mobile devices. It helps people find out what great places are near whatever location they happen to be in.

I love that this app for avoiding others is aptly named 'Hell Is Other People.'

I've got to say, this should work for someone who recently broke up with a partner or a spouse. Wouldn't want to run into them --all cozied up with the person they dumped you for, now would you? And who wants to crouch down in the car outside the cleaners until someone else leaves. This app might even work for someone who would love to be a hermit. You know those people I'm talking about, the ones who are perpetual sour-pusses. Some of us even work with them, the man or woman who despise speaking to us in the morning in the office.

--Hey, too bad this thing won't work in your office! If it did that might be cool, because then those of us who want to know could see where the boss is at all times. LOL

As I start my day, I'm thinking what will they come up with next? This app/idea is cool though --if you need this sort of thing, because it calculates the best locations in which you might avoid certain friends. Heck, on those days when I'm having a bad hair day and just feeling all around busted, I would probably think of using it too.

Until next time, enjoy your day...and be blessed.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When I've had the day from hell, or when someone just plain annoying has pushed nearly all of my buttons, I put on my sneakers, hit the pavement, and go pound out my mad.

Afterward, I usually wind up huffing and blowing, but by then I am no longer upset. I also realize I've done something great for myself. Whoo-hoo!

Oh--hello; you just got here . . . I was in the midst of talking about how some of us aren't cut out for supersized workouts. Some of us don't want to do Tai-whatever, or Bow-whatnot. Quite frankly, I'm just too laid back for all of that, but I do want the benefits of working out. So I've learned that walking can neatly do the trick. Add a few hand weights and you're set.

To find out why I enjoy walking and would recommend it to anyone healthy enough to do so, click here

For adult summer reading, don't forget to check out my latest -- Improbable. Ah, and thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon!

April Alisa Marquette

Friday, June 7, 2013

Brides Fighting Breast Cancer

Since June is typically wedding month, and since the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk is coming up, I thought I would revisit an article I once wrote. . .
While watching 'My Fair Wedding' with David Tutera, this man whom I adore mentioned something I thought I’d discuss with you. David spoke of an organization that not only helps brides find the wedding dress of their dreams, it also contributes to programs that aid cancer patients, as well as their families.

The organization is called Brides Against Breast Cancer and they have bridal shows all over the U.S.   At these shows, many people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer can find information and other resources. These things empower them in their battle. Another important aspect is that Brides Against Breast Cancer hosts fund-raising events; this is done in the form of thirty or more shows a year. At these events called the Nationwide Tour of Gowns™ any bride-to-be can find the gown of her dreams, even tiaras and crinoline -- at truly unbelievable prices! 
I actually think it is wonderful that the Brides program has received upwards of 50,000 wedding gowns. These were donations. The resale value of these gowns has been estimated at over 4 million dollars. National coverage in magazines like Redbook and Woman’s Day has helped make this possible.
I'll tell you something else. More than fifty percent of these beautiful gowns are donated by bridal retailers, designers and manufacturers. Many of their couture and designer gowns are new, and some can sell for as high as twenty thousand dollars, retail. However, Brides Against Breast Cancer offers them at incredible prices so that the proceeds can contribute to programs for patients and their families.
Now here is how you too can help. . . Brides Against Breast Cancer  needs contemporary gowns; they need the donation of slips and veils too, all dating from 2007 up until today. I mustn't forget to mention this. . .  Every gown that arrives will be carefully prepared for sale at the upcoming Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns™. Therefore, do something wonderful. Donate, by going to their website. Simply click on the 'Gown Donations' tab.
For those of you who have lovely vintage gowns and accessories, don't be disheartened. You will also get a chance to contribute. A while ago, Brides had asked people to simply hang onto their prized possessions until they were able to add it to their extensive inventory. You'll have to check to see when these classics are needed. These things they post on their cute national website.
Men, we love you; therefore, you can help too! Brides has a Pink Envelope Project™. This can be any event, fundraiser, or party that someone hosts --you can give money. (Smile)Book Clubs can even turn one of their meetings into a Pink Envelope project. You see, the goal is simply to raise funds for Brides Against Breast Cancer dot org. All they ask is that you use their pink envelopes for the donations gathered. The information is on their website. So why not incorporate the Pink Envelope into your next function!
I've got a name for those who donate. I call them Brides besties, and if after reading this, you’re thinking about becoming one, do drop me a line. Let me know! I love to hear from readers. I'm sure others would like to see your note as well.
My darlings, I've got to run. However let me say this. As an advocate of marriage --for everyone, I say to those of you getting married soon and those in the midst of planning a wedding, I wish you all the best! Ladies… don’t be a Bridezilla, unless you’re on the show. Then, by all means... LOL

To donate a wedding gown or host a Pink Envelope™ event, please visit the Brides Against Breast Cancer website.

I will see you soon.

Be blessed,